Fresh Approach: Detroit Public School Ditches Fryers, Can Openers

It’s a typical Thursday morning, and Detroit Public Schools’ Office of School Nutrition Executive Chef Kevin Frank is chopping carrots and celery for a school catering event, directing staff on lunch prep and coordinating with vendors to place orders and schedule deliveries. All the while, he’s thinking ahead to what he’ll serve on next month’s […]

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Show Me a Day

When she enters the market office on Saturday mornings, Marjorie Johns always brings with her the beautiful scents of bergamot, lavender, and eucalyptus that seem to have permanently embedded themselves into her very being through years of incorporating these essential oils into her handmade soaps. Along with her calming scents she totes her jar of […]

Cookbook or rule book? Amical Opts Local

Amical has been open since 1994, but I first became truly conscious of the local food availability in the late 90’s. Amical started to take off when we dropped the quick service cafeteria concept completely in 2001. Our menu began to evolve and the Cookbook Dinner Series was getting some attention. The popularity of the […]

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New Jobs in Northeast Michigan & The Upper Peninsula

Date:  January 6th, 2016 Contact: Tricia Phelps,, (877) 562-2539 Taste the Local Difference creates jobs, hires new staff members in Northeast Michigan & the Upper Peninsula Taste the Local Difference® (TLD) is a local food and farm marketing agency, with a mission to sell more local food in the communities they serve. The TLD program […]

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