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Buy your advertisement today and save money for the next year!  We are offering Early Bird Discounts on our new Digital Advertising Packages as well as on our Print Advertising rates in our 2019 Guides to Local Food. Our Guides and Website act as useful reference materials throughout the year, meaning you pay once and receive benefits all year long!

There are many great reasons to purchase a print or digital ad with us. Our glossy, magazine-style guides gets into the hands of over 100,000 people each year throughout the UP, Northern Lower Michigan, and Southeast Michigan. Plus, purchasing an advertisement on our website or in our Guide gets you an array of marketing benefits, such as social media promotion, features in our newsletter, online listings and more. Digital ads are visible on our website and newsletter, which both have thousands of hits per month.

Here’s the deal:
Commit and purchase your advertisement today to lock in our 2018 Print Advertising Rates and for 2019 today! The same goes for our Digital Advertising rates which will increase by AT LEAST 10% following August 31st.

Digital Advertising PricingScreen Shot 2018-07-22 at 12.41.47 PM
Your price if purchased by August 31st:

Monthly Banner ad   $150      728×90 pixels
Small sidebar ad      $275      180×150 pixels
Large sidebar ad      $350      160×600 pixels
Newsletter banner    $100      468×60 pixels
Print Advertising Pricing
Your price if purchased by August 31st:
(Price per ad in 1 guide and both guides respectively)
1/8 page                     $565      $480      3.375 x 2.25in
1/4 page                     $870      $740      3.375 x 4.75in
1/2 page                     $1,390   $1,180   6.875 x 4.75in (horizontal)
                                                               3.375 x 9.75in (vertical)
Full page                    $2,510   $2,135   8.5 x 11.125in
Spread                       $3,920   $3,332
Inside Covers             $3,370   $2,865
Full page Advertorial  $3,110   $2,645
Two page Advertorial  $4,730  $4,020
Business Map Listing  $160     $140

You can compare our 2018 and 2019 Advertising rates here and hereThe Digital Advertising rates will increase and the 2019 Print Advertising Rates will apply after August 31st. Save money and buy your ads today!

Need help designing your ad? We do that too! We know local food and work everyday to get more local food sold. Let us help design your next advertisement, poster, logo, or brochure. More information and examples can be seen here.

Emma Beauchamp is the Communications Manager for TLD. She lives in Ann Arbor. Contact her at

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