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Exploring Food: Zucchini

By week seven of my share I had things down. Everything was starting to look familiar and I knew what I was doing. However, I found something in my share this week that was somewhat new to me: zucchini.

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Exploring Food: Bok Choy

I must say that week six of my share was the best so far. It led me to cook with something brand new that I now love and will include whenever I prepare one of my favorite types of food: Asian cuisine. I will use any excuse to cook with soy sauce, so when I […]

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Exploring Food: Turnips

For most of my life whenever I heard the word “turnip” I wrinkled my nose. Most of what I’d heard about the vegetable was not positive and I’d never actually eaten one before So, when I picked up my fifth CSA share and spotted turnips, I knew what I had to do for the week.

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Exploring Food: Garlic Scapes and Onions

In the fourth week of my CSA share, I found some more things that were completely new to me. There were snap peas, greens, garlic scapes and something that looked like an onion—a purplish white bulb.

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Exploring Food: Beets

My third CSA share contained a little bit more color than I was used to seeing. I was excited to see the fun, different vegetables in my box–an array of purple and pink mixed with green.

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Exploring Food: Escarole and Kohlrabi

Picking up my second CSA share was fun. Instead of picking it up at the farm, I went to the Famers Market in downtown Traverse City to collect my goods. Seeing all the local farmers and such a wide array of flowers and food was so exciting.

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Exploring Food: Sorrel

Sometimes, if you’re like me and have zero experience with farming or eating fresh food, you have no idea what you’re eating. Luckily, with time, my palate has expanded and today I can embrace the flavors of whatever it is that I am putting into my mouth.

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The 2016 Traverse City Wine & Art Festival

THIS Saturday marks the last weekend in June and one of our favorite events of the summer– The Traverse City Wine & Art Festival. The day is quickly approaching, and all of us at TLD are really looking forward it. We can’t wait to sip on the incredible wines of leelanau county, and even more, enjoy them paired with some amazing food.

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Mission Table Opens After Renovations

The Mission Table Restaurant on Old Mission Peninsula has officially reopened! The esteemed restaurant, in the Historic Bowers Harbor Inn, closed for the winter to undergo renovations. The bar and taproom have seen some changes; enjoy your favorite cocktails and delicious food now complete with a view of Chef Paul Olson and his crew in […]

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