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Exploring Food: Zucchini

By week seven of my share I had things down. Everything was starting to look familiar and I knew what I was doing. However, I found something in my share this week that was somewhat new to me: zucchini.

I have eaten zucchini before, but not much of it, and I was excited to create something new. My only experience with zucchini that I can remember is having eaten it in zucchini bread years ago. I would have loved to make zucchini bread, but I thought that I should probably make something substantial for dinner instead.

I have written about stir-frying things a lot, but this one has been one of my favorite stir-fries so far. I created a simple yet flavorful dish.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, garlic scapes are one of my best discoveries this summer, so naturally I included them in the meal.

Of course, the first step was pouring some olive oil into the pan and simmering it a bit. Then I threw in some slices of garlic scapes to create that extra garlic flavor that I love.

I then cut up the zucchini just like you would cut a cucumber. It’s very hard to tell the two apart – I’m sure that some day I’ll accidentally grab a cucumber when I actually want a zucchini.


Next, I cut up a pre-cooked chicken breast into little, bite-sized pieces. Now it was time to throw everything in the pan. I threw in the zucchini first because the chicken was already cooked and I wanted it to soak up the flavor in the pan.


I like my zucchini to be golden brown, so I stirred until it was the color I like. The chicken blended beautifully with the delicious zucchini and garlic flavor.

Everything was looking wonderfully bronzed, so I knew my meal was complete. My first bite was delicious. This meal was simple and quick, yet it so good. I learned just how much I like zucchini and how easy it is to work with. I’ve made this meal several times now, and I will make it often in the future.



Margaret Sheets is the 2016 events intern at Taste the Local Difference® and she is a senior at Albion College. You can contact her at [email protected]

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