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The NE Michigan Food & Farming Network is Taking a Place at the Table

Local food councils bring the community together to promote the well-being of their local food system. The newly formed Northeast Michigan Food & Farming Network  (NEMFFN) envisions a future where all people in the area have access to food that is fresh and regionally grown, priced fairly for the farmer, and produced in a way which is good for the planet. 

Creating a purposeful, energized, and recognized local food policy council for NE Michigan has been years in the making. Calling together food and farming network stakeholders from such a large region was the first step. With the help of the Michigan Local Food Council Network, the NEMFFN is established with an elected board.

Though new, the NEMFFN has wasted no time in connecting with organizations that can help NE Michigan. Already, the NEMFFN has introduced itself to the Michigan House of Representatives and met with their regional legislator, Sue Allor. They discussed the region’s needs and food access obstacles. Additionally, the NEMFFN has connected with Slow Food USA and the Fair Food Network about how to help get reliable internet access to more rural farmers markets so consumers can better utilize Double Up Food Bucks. Plus, the NEMFFN consulted with MiThrive, about programming alliance potential. They also invited Food Corps , a national non-profit that connects kids to healthy food at school, to present to Alcona Community Schools

Joining the Northeast Michigan Food & Farming Network

Are you interested in joining this impactful organization in Northeast Michigan? The next NEMFFN meeting will be February 19, 2020 at 9:00 AM via Zoom (video/phone conference). You can register for the NEMFFN listserv, and attend the next meeting by emailing:

Molly Stepanski is the Local Food Coordinator for northeast Michigan and the Statewide Sales Supervisor. She enjoys reading with her seven year old, planting and hiking in the dirt, cooking up her own recipes, drinking farmhouse cider, and eating lots of fresh, seasonal produce (and anything deep-fried, in accordance with her southern heritage). She owns and operates Presque Isle Farm with her family and is a founding member and V.P. of the NE Michigan Food & Farming Network. Contact her at

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