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Organic Food, Beer, and Gear: The Flying Moose

Stepping into The Flying Moose, in downtown Marquette, feels like what stepping into a store probably felt like 100 years ago, except now there is kombucha on tap. The shelves are filled with spices, wines, syrups, and skateboards.

“Jeremey and I have lots of ideas,” said Melanie Poch who owns and runs the modern-day general store with her husband.

bikes and beers

The quantity of their ideas is what makes The Flying Moose unique and gives it its charm.

“Organic food, Beer, Gear,” reads the store’s sign. In the same store, you can eat a muffin and rent a fat-tire bike. The food they sell in their coolers is the same quality ingredients they use in the deli. When possible, they use local produce and always use ingredients grown using organic methods.

“We want to have a place where people can eat healthy food. It’s hard for us, when we go out of town, to go eat somewhere without getting sick or being pests.”

The deli has healthy options like soups, sandwiches, and sushi and the Pochs are looking to expand that aspect of the business.deli case

Preparing and selling food is where the Pochs began. “I’ve always loved food and been passionate about food.”

When Jeremey and Melanie moved to Marquette they began making spices and other value-added products and selling them at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market until they decided to go for it, open a store and begin bringing their pages of ideas to fruition.

When The Flying Moose opened, they were given a plaque from the original business in their building. Years ago, the space was home to a small grocery store, and once again you can get produce from a family-owned grocery store downtown and know your money is staying in the community.

“When Jeremey and I moved here, it was the first place we felt there was a sense of community. People treated each other differently.” As they establish, they are looking continue to be an active part of the Marquette community. So take a seat at The Flying Moose, sip some Marquette-made kombucha and enjoy the cozy space.

The Flying Moose, 351 W Washington St., Marquette MI 49855

Melissa Orzechowski is the local food coordinator for the Upper Peninsula. Contact her at [email protected]

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