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Introducing our SEMI Local Food Marketing Rep!

We’re excited to introduce Rob Heath, our new Southeast Michigan Local Food Marketing Rep! He is excited to connect with local food businesses throughout the Metro Detroit Area. Get to know him here!

Rob is a country boy who grew up in the township of Milan, and has spent the last 6 years honing his skills as a sales rep in the surrounding markets. This career began at his family’s organic vegetable farm in 2013, which began in an effort to save his dad’s life from an unknown sickness. The fresh, organic foods brought Rob’s dad back from the brink, and he has had a passion for local food ever since. Unfortunately, the family farm shuttered it’s doors in 2016 due to poor sales.

Rob intends to use the knowledge he has gleaned since the farm’s closing to ensure other farms don’t meet the same fate. Rob’s desire for a world sustained by local farms and healthy practices is what drives him to help as many farms as possible.

Along with his position at TLD, Rob is a salesman for his new family farm, Heath Farms Pastured Chickens. He hopes one day for his wife and 4 children to be a part of the family farm. Rob misses his days of having his hands in the dirt, and looks forward to his kids being able to experience that lifestyle for themselves.

Rob graduated from Calvin University in Grand Rapids with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Media Production.

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