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Summer’s Finest : TLD BLT

Nothing says summer like BLTs. Tomatoes are bursting with flavor and it’s way too hot to turn on the oven. I know you probably don’t need a recipe for this, but this is the perfect time of year to make these a weekly repeat.


2 slices good bread, such as Zingerman’s Bakehouse Farm Bread or Sourdough

2 slices bacon, such as from Ernst Farms

One handful greens (I used the spicy mix from White Lotus Farms)

½ tomato, from your favorite tomato grower

½ tbsp mayo (bonus points if you make your own)

First off, place the bacon in a cold cast iron pan. Turn heat up to medium and allow the bacon to cook slowly. Slice tomatoes and salt each side. Once bacon is cooked, let drain on a paper towel covered plate. Place bread in toaster and spread mayo on one side of each toast. Top with greens, tomatoes, and bacon. Enjoy this sandwich preferably outside!

Variation ideas
 a fried egg
sliced avocado
dijon mustard
sliced mozzarella
pickled red onion
Herbed mayo
Parmesan Pepper Bread

Emma Beauchamp is the TLD Communications Manager. She currently lives in Ann Arbor. Contact her at with your favorite BLT twist. 

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