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The Art of Celebrating Food

Natural Northern Foods started in 2005 making a fresh salsa using only fresh ingredients, with no sugar added or preservatives, selling only at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market.

Lori-600x902Flash forward to 2017 and we are still selling salsa at the same farmers market, but we have added hummus, cheese spreads and a variety ofother healthy creations, all made without preservatives that are GMO Free and Gluten Free. Our hummus comes in a wide variety of flavors, from Louisiana Red Bean to Spicy Curry. The cheese spreads reach the full spectrum of flavors from savory Whitefish Pate to the sweet and spicy Peach Habanero Spread. We still use local and organic ingredients when possible. Natural Northern Foods is located in Traverse City. We make every product in small batches, because we believe in quality.
Our products are available at the Sara Hardy Farmers market, as well as in many grocery stores in the Northwestern Lower Peninsula.
Lori Laclair is the owner of Natural Northern Foods. Contact her with questions at [email protected]
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