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The Best Summer Dessert : Grilled Fruit with Balsamic Reduction and Boozy Whipped Cream

Since you’re already grilling, why not throw your dessert on the grill too?

If you make any dessert this August, have it be this one. This month, stone fruits of all types are at their peak ripeness, from fuzzy apricots and peaches, to smooth nectarines and plums.

This dessert can hardly be easier or more versatile. Just brush your fruit with whatever liqueur you have handy (honey would be tasty too) then toss on the grill. Top with whipped cream and a balsamic reduction, if you’re feeling really fancy.

3 apricots, washed, halved, pitted (Cherry Connections / Edmondon Orchards)

3 peaches, washed, halved, pitted (same as above)

2 tbsp Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur (for use on fruit, in whipped cream, and in balsamic reduction)

½ tsp vanilla

½ pint heavy whipping cream, chilled (Shetler’s Family Dairy)

1 tbsp powdered sugar, sifted

½ cup balsamic vinegar (Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars)

Fresh mint, thinly chopped (harvested straight from the beach)


Wash fruits, half, and pit them. Brush cut halves with Grand Marnier, then flip over until the grill is ready.

Using a stand up mixer (or a hand mixer or a whisk!), Pour heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl and mix at medium speed. Add in tbsp of powdered sugar and vanilla. Before stiff peaks have formed, mix in about 2 tsps of Grand Marnier. Then mix until stiff peaks have formed.

Meanwhile, pour balsamic vinegar and about 1 tbsp of Grand Marnier into a small saucepan. Over low to medium heat bring to a boil and reduce. Stir frequently. The reduction will become thick and syrupy, and will coat the back of a spoon when ready.

Bring grill to medium-high heat. Place fruit cut side down and let cook for 2-4 minutes. Put on plate, dollop whipped cream, drizzle balsamic reduction, and sprinkle with mint. Enjoy!



 Try different stone fruits, like nectarines or plum

 Use whatever liqueur you have on have to match with your fruit, like St. Germaine (Elderflower liqueur) and apricots, Chambord (Raspberry) and plums.

 Instead of liqueur, try mixing local honey with a little water to brush onto your fruit

 Consider adding a little cayenne to your fruit to spice things up

 If you don’t do dairy, try out a coconut whipped cream, especially when paired with a spicy grilled pineapple (not Michigan local, but probably delicious)

 Fustini’s makes dozens of flavors of balsamic vinegars that can be used for your reduction, consider pairing one of those flavors with your grilled fruit, like Jalapeno, Lavender, Cara Cara Vanilla, and more.

 For garnish, top with mint, basil, thyme, or cracked black pepper

Emma Beauchamp is the local food coordinator for NW Michigan and the Communications Manager for Taste the Local Difference. Let her know how your version tasted at

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