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Two Partnerships for the Price of One: Taste the Local Difference Offers In-kind Membership with the Small Business Association of Michigan

Taste the Local Difference (TLD) is constantly looking for ways to add value for our partners in the food system.  We are excited to announce a new relationship with the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) where TLD partners at the branch level ($150.00) and above will receive a complimentary “premium” membership in SBAM, valued at $219.00

SBAM is the only statewide and state-based association that focuses solely on serving the needs of Michigan’s small business community. They have been successfully serving small businesses in all 83 counties of Michigan since 1969. The association has its headquarters in Lansing, just one block from the Capitol.

“SBAM’s mission is to help Michigan small businesses succeed by promoting entrepreneurship, leveraging buying power and engaging in political advocacy. When small businesses band together through the Small Business Association of Michigan, they achieve more than they could on their own.”

This partnership between SBAM and TLD allows our food system partners to take advantage of the many membership benefits of SBAM at no additional cost. It’s TLD’s way of providing value beyond our marketing tools and expertise.

Some of the distinct benefits you can access with your TLD/SBAM membership include:

  • HR and Compliance Support
  • Benefits and Insurance Discounts
  • Information Technology Support
  • Discounted services to help operate your business
  • Legal support for business law, intellectual property, immigration, labor and employment.
  • Accounting and finance support
  • Additional sales and marketing support.
  • Your small business voice heard in Lansing.

To see all the benefits that the TLD/SBAM membership brings, visit this link:

Qualifying TLD partners include paying TLD partners at the $150 (branch) level and above. This includes value added food producers, restaurants & caterers, wineries, breweries, and other alcohol or beverage production. If your business is not part of this list and you’d like to participate, please let us know.

The annual SBAM Premium membership is a $219 value if joining separately. So your TLD partnership will give you a return on investment of at least 145% immediately, before our marketing assistance even kicks in!

Join TLD today at our Branch level or above and we’ll automatically enroll your business in SBAM at the close of our sign-up period. If you’re a farm-based or food-related business in Michigan, there’s never been a better time for you to participate in Taste the Local Difference.

Bill Palladino is the CEO of Taste the Local Difference. He can be contacted at

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